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Mignon porte-clé en noeud poing de singe, Blanc avec traceur bleu

Mignon porte-clé en noeud poing de singe, Blanc avec traceur bleu

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  • Ne craint pas l'eau - pluie, lac, mer
  • Résiste aux rayons UV
  • Confection locale
  • Fait à la main

Small key ring with a monkey fist knot and a double boatswain's knot. It is made of durable rope and stainless steel. The monkey fist knot is a knot commonly used as a touline knob which serves as ballast at the end of a rope, such as a mooring line.

» This accessory can be used in water (shower, swimming pool, sea). It will not damage and will dry quickly. It is also resistant to UV rays.

Color(s): Blanc avec traceur bleu
Diamètre du noeud : 1,25"
Matériaux :
paracorde 100% nylon, acier inoxydable 304, bois. Matériaux neufs seulement.

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This product was made by Andrée-Anne in Quebec or somewhere aboard the Nuage sailboat.

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